A Match made in Heaven

At the start of 2017 I promised myself a lot of new things – especially in regard to products, materials and techniques.  Now I’m ready to introduce the first new product from 40 Stitches – a matchsack!  Why?  There are lots of reasons, but when my kids were packing for summer camp the instructions on the packing list stated ‚No plastic bags.‘  The kids were to be gone for one week and, if you think about it, you realized that in this amount of time dirty and damp clothes can start to mold in a plastic bag.  That’s not as likely with a fabric bag.  Plus, you can wash the bag and use it over and over again – for workout clothes, for school, for shoes, to go shopping and for a lot more.  That means that a matchsack is a multi-talented helper.

These matchsacks are made of 100% cotton fabric and closed with a cotton cord.  And with the practical outside loops you can always shorten or replace the cord.

Take a look at the other matchsacks here!

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