Sewing & Quilting Classes

Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Classes

I work hard to offer a range of creative sewing and quilting classes at different levels and also on different days of the week. These range from beginner sewing projects, where you don’t even have to know how to sew, to quilting classes and on to creative classes to help you discover the artistic side of your sewing machine.
I am also more than willing to book a class specifically for you (with at least 2 participants). Or to offer you one-on-one tutoring to help you plan, realize and complete your own quilt.
I can teach in either English or German.
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Here’s a short overview of some of the classes I offer.

Log Cabin Quilt Block nähen

9-Patch Quilt Block nähen

Tragetasche nähen

Lavendel-Herzchen nähen

Armband nähen

Wäschesack nähen

Kissen nähen

Kosmetiktasche nähen

Postkarten nähen

Ärmeltiere nähen

Crazy Birds Nähen

Drucken auf Stoff