Halloween Skit für Children Ages 3-10

Every year we have a BIG Halloween party with lots of kids who come to celebrate Halloween in an area where it isn’t that common.  We play games, go trick-or-treating and have a witch hunt in the backyard.  One of the things we started doing when the kids were young was a skit.  This was entertaining for the kids who participated, as well as the kids who were to shy to take part and for all the parents.  This skit is for kids who can’t read yet or who can’t read fluently.  You need one adult or older child to be the narrator and then a bunch of kids to play along.  All they have to do is remember who they are and when their name is read aloud in the story make the sound and action assigned to their character.  We really had a great time with this – so hope you like it!  And since we live in Germany it is also available in German.

Remember: You don’t have to assign all the roles if you don’t have enough kids.  Just start at the top of the list and work your way down as far as you can.

It is also fun if you happen to have a dragon mask for the child who plays Dragon.  And the narrator should pause after each name to give the child a moment to say their text and perform their action.

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