Krafttex – My First Project

While I was on vacation I did some creative things, even though I wasn’t sewing or working at the store.  Here and there I visited a quilt store or a craft store and I like to look around and see if there’s a bargain or maybe even a new product.  In Picking Daisies in San Luis Obispo, California I found something new – Krafttex!  I wasn’t familiar with the name and had never seen this product.  But the nice lady in the store took time to talk to me, showed me the product and even a piece of Krafttex that had been washed, plus she let me page through the book about Krafttex.

And so I bought some – two different colors, half a yard each.

Now I’ve actually sewn with it for the first time.  Krafttex is easy to sew – but it is VERY stiff.  So you need to think about what you’ll be making before you make it.  Plus, the needle holes are visible, so you shouldn’t make any mistakes.  But, if you take some time to plan things out, you will have a very robust end product.

I’m very happy with the new bag – the bottom is made of Krafttex, then there is some embroidery and various fabrics.  Inside it has a pocket and a key ring.

I can also recommend the book ‚kraft*tex Style‘ by Roxane Cerda.  There are various projecs, big and small, to try.

I’ve already washed a piece of Krafttex and want to make some more projects with it, but I don’t know what just yet.  In any case, there will be more projects.  Maybe you want to try it, too?

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