School of Stitched Textiles – Certification Course

Machine Embroidery – Skill Level 3

So – what I haven’t told many people is that in February I signed up for the Certification Course Level 3 for Machine Embroidery at the School of Stitched Textiles in England. This was a very big decision for me because it is a commitment involving a great deal of time and money. The course can take up to two years and I wanted to be sure that I will have the time, energy and staying power to complete the course.

Module 1

I recently submitted my first module and was really pleased when my evaluation came back, confirming that I had passed! This module mostly involved learning (or for me confirming) the basics of machine embroidery and beginning to experiment with what it is possible to do with a sewing machine.  Here you can see the progression of one of the samples I made – started with straight stitching, then adding zig-zag stitching in various colors and then removing different layers of fabric. I think it turned out to be a bit crazy, but a lot of fun!


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