Sunday Afternoon Sewing

Okay!  I know it’s already Wednesday and I wanted to post this earlier, but you know how life is!

Anyway, I spent Sunday afternoon sewing!  Child 1 was watching videos, Child 2 had a friend over = I was free!  Right now my goal is to reduce my stash – so that it fits in the 3 closets I have.  I think the best way to do this would be to finish some UFOs (UnFinished Objects), so I started going through the huge selection of plastic grocery bags – each containing a project (or maybe a couple of projects).  And then I found the perfect thing!  A small paper piecing project I inherited from my Aunt – a Christmas project (you know – after Christmas is before Christmas).  So, although it is not completely finished, here it is.  My Aunt already had everything I needed – all the fabric, the batting and the backing – so all I had to do was sew.  And she even had this really cute hanger for it.

Now all I have to do is sew it closed and sew it to the hanger.

Hope you like it!

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