Stone Age Technology

Look!  My Bernina had to be repaired and now I’m working with a machine from the stone age!  But actually, it’s not that bad!  For regular sewing the old Pfaff has everything I need.  What do you think?  Were the old sewing machines better than the new ones?

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Krafttex – My First Project

While I was on vacation I did some creative things, even though I wasn’t sewing or working at the store.  Here and there I visited a quilt store or a craft store and I like to look around and see if there’s a bargain or maybe even a new product.  In Picking Daisies in San

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Anything new?

Well, this summer was great!  But since I’ve been back I’ve been so busy sewing that I haven’t found any time to post anything new.  Right now I am working on a lot of different bags.  I’m trying hard to finish a number of UFO’s and bags are pretty and practical.  So here’s one example.

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Recyling to make a Bag

I was cleaning up the kitchen after our New Year’s Party and discovered the empty rice bag with such a pretty logo lying around.  It seemed such a waste to just throw it away and I thought I should make something out of it.  So I took it upstairs to my sewing room. Lying there

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