Munich Artists in the Sun

In a conversation with Emmy Ann Horstkamp from Munich Artists we were talking about how to best use a large window with lots of sunshine.  I mentioned that it would be necessary to be careful since the sun will fade a lot of different materials.  But that’s exactly the process we want to use for …

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A poppy by any other name….

For my How to Sell You Art Online course at The Abundant Artist I was set the task of making a piece of art in one hour and then journaling about it.  Here the result. THE HOW The how is easy – a piece of fabric and a piece of stabilizer and lots of thread. …

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Anything new?

Well, this summer was great!  But since I’ve been back I’ve been so busy sewing that I haven’t found any time to post anything new.  Right now I am working on a lot of different bags.  I’m trying hard to finish a number of UFO’s and bags are pretty and practical.  So here’s one example.

New Year – New Projects!

On December 31st I was browsing through facebook when I came across a post that said I shouldn’t leave any sewing projects unfinished at the end of the year or they would stay unfinished!  I didn’t think much of it at the time, but later it came to me that this is really unfair and …

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Sunday Afternoon Sewing

Okay!  I know it’s already Wednesday and I wanted to post this earlier, but you know how life is! Anyway, I spent Sunday afternoon sewing!  Child 1 was watching videos, Child 2 had a friend over = I was free!  Right now my goal is to reduce my stash – so that it fits in …

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Sulky Certification

It’s official!  My Sulky certification arrived this weekend!  I had such a good time participating in this course, met some wonderful and talented people and learned a great deal!  Now I can pass some of that knowledge on to you!  Keep an eye out for some new courses based on the Sulky content!

Sewing Pillows

Want to sew your own pillow to keep or give as a gift? I’ll show you how! We’ll cut out a A4 rectangle, decorate the front, sew the front and back together and stuff the pillow. No previous sewing experience is necessary for this class. Appropriate for ages 10 and up. Cost: 15 Euros + …

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