Memories of Berlin

Finally!  That’s about all I can say.  I was finally able to realize my vision from 14 years ago – to make a quilt that would memorialize our time in Berlin – and all the films we saw then.  In those days I worked at Columbia TriStar Film GmbH at the Sony Center on Potsdamer Platz.  It was a great job and I had wonderful co-workers.  Plus, it was a time full of films for my husband and me.  We saw many films at our neighborhood theater and also were able to attend a number of film premieres.

But how do those times turn into a quilt?  It’s simple.  Every film has a number of different promotional give-away products.  A lot of times that includes a t-shirt.  During the 5 years that I worked for CTS that became a large number of t-shirts.  And we were proud to wear them.   But sooner or later you stop wearing them – maybe they no longer fit, don’t look so good any more or just aren’t the style we’re looking for.  So what then?  Keep them!

Then the idea hit me – it’s almost too easy.  A quilt!  But it took me a very long time to realize my project.  For various reasons – not enough time, not enough peace and quiet, too much work.  But then I found this great Hollywood fabric and I knew it was time.  I had the inspiration to find the time and turn my vision into reality.

While I was working I also realized that the other cities on the fabric were also in various films.  And so the back of the quilt also took on form.

Now the quilt was finished but I still had to wait for my husband’s birthday.  After all it was supposed to be his quilt.  And finally that day came, too.  Now I can finally show everyone the quilt and tell the story.

CTS Filme

But the best thing was my husband’s reaction.  Not only did he wish for a quilt (how could he not?), he said that when he saw the various t-shirts different memories of our time in Berlin kept popping up.  I wore the Erin Brockovich t-shirt when we attended the Love Parade in Berlin.  He and I had attended the premiere of Godzilla together.  Etc., etc.

And then there’s the quiz for the back:  Which cities are these and what films can you name that were set there?  Do you know the answer?

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