Reach Your Goals

The other day I was bowling with the kids.  I am not a good bowler, but occassionally it’s fun and we had guests so it was a good activity for everyone.  I kept concentrating on the pins at the end of the lane and throwing a gutter ball!  Then I noticed the arrows at the beginning of the lane and started using them to place and aim my bowling ball.  Voila!  I was knocking down pins left and right!

By changing my focus from a goal far away to a simpler goal close at hand I was able to achieve better results.

Sometimes that’s the way things are in life.  And since it is January it is time to set goals.  This year I plan to try for lots of little goals to make a bigger overall success. I want to develop new products, try new materials, work in more depth and communicate more regularly with you.

What about you?  What are you planning?

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